about cinema caravan

“PLAY with The Earth”

INEMA CARAVAN is a mobile cinema based on the concept of being able to “play with the earth”with the five senses – set sometimes
by a quiet bayside, sometimes in the middle of a rice field, on a hill,on the expended ruins of a place etched in history, or otherwise set
in the middle of a pulsing city.Stimulating the senses can make the journeys deeper, and makes one’s humanity more profound.
Unfurling a screen for outdoor viewing in the different landscapes of our journey, we set the stage ofnon-routine experience in an everyday
place. And in the process, we learn from those we meet on the roadtheir wisdom on how to live, and experience their varied cultures.
Connecting city to city, people to people, and by creating a common ground where we can exchange freely,we seek to be a vehicle that
brings us closer to the movement of life– so that eventually we can connect the dots in our journey.

CINEMA CARAVANは「地球と遊ぶ」をコンセプトに、五感で体感できる移動式映画館。