PLAY with the Earth

Cinema Caravan started with the concept of "Play with the Earth",
and it has become a bridge between cultures and people through its journeys.

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A ensemble of people across various genres, including photographers, musicians, painters, carpenters, and cooks A catalyst to revitalize a neighborhood through collaborations with the people and culture of the region we visited A collective that directs and creates spaces at art festivals and film festivals

Cinema Caravan is both a community of people and a project that emconpasses all of these different aspects.

Cinema Caravan has continued to create a cycle in which we bring the experiences and connections fostered in our travels back to our own local communities, expand, and eventually return to where they came from.


Trajectory of CINEMA CARAVAN Memories born through the journey

Cinema Caravan
Cinema Caravan
Cinema Caravan
Cinema Caravan
Cinema Caravan
Cinema Caravan


A film festival that was born on the Zushi beach in the spring of 2009.
The friends and cohorts who realized this festival were the starting point of CINEMA CARAVAN.
Through the connection and encounter there, this circle of friendship continues to grow and evolve.

Film Works

A film work created by Rai Shizuno with support of CINEMA CARAVAN members.