documenta fifteen

will participate in the contemporary art exhibition “docmenta
fifteeen” held once every five years in the German city of Kassel.
The theme of “docmenta fifteeen” is “Lumbung”
It`s means a symbol that stores and shares harvested rice and nurtures
the region and community.
This concept overlaps with the history of CINEMA CARAVAN started from
WAVEMENT to CINEMA AMIGO and Zushi Beach Film Festival, where friends
gathered autonomously and organically and the circle of activities
Artists and collectives from all over the world. We are the only
participants from Japan this time.
In addition to works and spaces, we express the phenomenon of CINEMA
CARAVAN in Cassel.
Takashi Kuribayashi, a contemporary artist who participates with us,
used to studied in Cassel and Indonesia, where he is currently based,
is also home to Luan Rupa, the director of this docmenta 15. In this
documenta, there are many friends he has been interacting with for
many years.
The connection becomes a vortex and creates the next big flow.
It is the beginning of “Road to documenta”.

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